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hymn for icons.

(icons by barat)

icons by (carlos) barat.
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hymnforicons is my icon journal. I was sick of logging out when I needed to change my userinfo or layout for my other icon journal. You may add this community to your friends page but you can't join, just to make things easier. All of my old icons can be found at transigent.

1. Comment when taking an icon, just so I know which icons you like and make more of that style/fandom.
2. Credit, this is required. In the comments box when you upload an icon, simple put in barat or hymnforicons.
3. Don't modify, my icons are not bases, even the simple/textless ones.
4. Please, do not hotlink. I will find out and if you hotlink on a myspace or whatever, I'll just replace the file with something stupid, I'm immature like that.
5. Please don't ask me how I got a certain effect, I don't usually remember what I do with each icon I make anyway! Same goes for the image, most of the time, it takes me ages to find it so I've decided to stop doing this. My resources are all listed in the resource post.

I did not move my affiliates from my old journal here, but if you'd like to be one, comment here, I'll most likely say yes.

jokersattack / icons_box / zoologique / fadeto / snowy_icons

what you'll find here?
You're very likely to find music icons here, of musicians such as The Libertines, The Strokes and various indie celebrities. I also like to make Lost, Veronica Mars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings icons. Sometimes I make icons of pretty models and random minor fandoms. One day, I'll do resources, we'll see!

Feel free to nominate my icons but please comment and tell me so that I know.

old icons, resources, comment to affiliate

layout codes by faceon!